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Yukon Housing Corporation

Yukon Housing Corporation links families, communities and the housing industry with programs and services that work to support the housing needs of Yukoners.

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Building a Housing Action Plan for Yukon

Work has begun on building a Housing Action Plan for Yukon. The plan is being created in a collaborative process between government, First Nations, municipal governments, and many community-based organizations with a role in housing, and-or social programs in Yukon. 

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Down Payment Assistance Program

The Down Payment Assistance Program allows qualifying Yukoners who have already saved a portion, to borrow the remaining amount required for a down payment to qualify for a mortgage to purchase a house, condominium or townhouse.

Down Payment Assistance Program information

Seasonal Home Maintenance Schedule

Yukon Housing Corporation’s suggested seasonal maintenance schedule is designed to help deal with the most common and manageable issues before they become larger, more expensive problems.
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Supergreen homes: Owner/builders talk about living in energy-efficient housing.